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Works of Circus Theatre

I have acts for many occasions, but these are some my favorites


Are You Catching What I'm Throwing?

A one person Circus Theatre show. Playfully using juggling, object manipulation, physical theatre to tell the story about Isolation and Connection.

"Absolutely charming from beginning to end, the story speaks to each of us looking to find the place where we fit in."

"An authentic, from-the-heart performance! This show is a heartwarming exploration about yearning for connection with other people."

"Alex's show was inventive and unique. His juggling was spot on, and his character work was fantastic. Do yourself a favor and come see this brilliant blend of theater and juggling."

Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 17.44.34.png

Balle et Boîte

Endearing exploration with a single juggling ball and a cardboard box


Covert Juggles

Fun silent act that plays with the contrast of wanting the overt to be covert


Ruggling is a short act following a juggler stuck on a rug. It follows themes of limitations and fighting boredom.



Created with The Circus Project's Elements Training Company and performed at the International Jugglers' Association Individual Championship.

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