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Children at Play Theatre

Children at Play Theatre is a Circus Theatre Company founded by Juggler and Circus Theatre artist William Alex Larson

Children at Play Theatre came to be when Alex and some friends were juggling in the streets. A mother saw us, and without any discussion, placed a road sign that reads Caution! Children at Play. 

With a focus on thoughtful storytelling through circus and physical theatre, the company has since found success at the Denver Fringe Festival, Toronto Fringe Festival, and The Theatre Kingston Fringe Festival with the original show Are You Catching What I'm Throwing? 

Are You Catching What I'm Throwing?

A one person Circus Theatre show. Playfully using juggling, object manipulation, physical theatre to tell the story about Isolation and Connection.



Denver Fringe Festival: (Audience Reviews)

"Absolutely charming from beginning to end, the story speaks to each of us looking to find the place where we fit in."

"An authentic, from-the-heart performance! This show is a heartwarming exploration about yearning for connection with other people."

"Alex's show was inventive and unique. His juggling was spot on, and his character work was fantastic. Do yourself a favor and come see this brilliant blend of theater and juggling."

Toronto Fringe Festival:

"the show is fun and playful and funny and everything you would expect from a juggling show, but it’s got heart."

-Girl Likes Theatre

"Larson’s performance is endearing and impressive: it’s always fascinating to see someone do something you can’t. The character, perhaps Larson themselves, juggles the balls life throws at them. And life throws hard."

-Kemi Kim, Intermission Magazine      

"[the show] is far more of a bittersweet dramedy about loneliness and yearning for connection through shared passion than it is a circus act. It’s the best of clown, mime, and melancholy if not the best of juggling."

-Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World 

Theatre Kingston Alliance Review

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